In order to use the free Mobile Legislation App you have to be a subscriber to Sabinet s South African Legislation product (NetLaw) and you have to have a mySabinet profile. In the event that you are a NetLaw subscriber but do not have a mySabinet profile, please complete the following steps in order to create one http://discover.sabinet.co.za/public_documents/mySabinet_Help.pdf.

Go to the App store , search for Sabinetand download the Sabinet SA Legislation App. You can sign in to the app by using your mySabinet username and password. Once you have registered as a mySabinet user and signed in to the Discover platform, you can start using the  my Mobile Briefcases option on the mySabinet drop down list.

You can create a new mobile briefcase or view existing briefcases. Briefcases can only be created on mySabinet and not from the mobile app. Once on the mobile app, you can click on the  refresh list tab at the bottom of the briefcases and any new briefcases added on the mySabinet portal will reflect on the mobile app.

Once you create a briefcase you will have to complete a search on NetLaw or use the Alphabetical or Chronological lists to find the Act or Regulations which you would like to add to the briefcase. After you have completed the required search you can select the record on the results page and add the relevant document to your My Action List.

As soon as the document has been added to your My Action List you can then select the documents in the My Action List and add them to your chosen mobile briefcase.

Mobile briefcases can also be created directly from your My Action List. Please see the Quick Search Guide under the help tab http://discover.sabinet.co.za/public_documents/Quick_Search_Guide_Sabinet_Legal.pdf on how to use the My Action List.

You will not be able to add Acts or Regulations directly on the mobile app. However once on the app, after opening a briefcase, you will see a refresh tab at the bottom of the screen. If you click on this, it will update the list of Acts added or deleted on the mySabinet portal. This must be done as the list of Acts will not update automatically and must be activated.

To update a briefcase or an Act or the notes there are separate refresh buttons and each must be selected separately. In order to refresh your briefcases or update existing Acts in briefcases you will need an internet connection.

Once documents have been added to your briefcases, you can add notes or edit notes. This function is available on the mySabinet portal and on the mobile app. You can create general notes or notes in terms of certain sections of an Act. To refresh your notes, you will need an internet connection.

The app can be used offline. However no updates will take place while offline. When using the mySabinet portal , hovering over an icon will pop up a description of what functionality that specific icon performs.

Have fun using our App!

The Sabinet Team.