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Product Update
Sabinet Gazettes


Dear Client,

This email serves as notice of system upgrades and improvements in some of our workflows which will affect our legal platform.

Changes effective 05 March 2019 include:

1. Clickable Notice Titles on Government Gazettes and Provincial Gazettes

On our Current Index page: The modification now allows the Notice Title to be clickable instead of the notice number – enabling quicker access to required Notices.

You can now go directly to any notice without first having to go to the view page. Please see the example below:

2. Gazette Results page - Full text no longer available from 01 March 2019

Upon discussions with clients and a survey it was established that the majority of clients no longer use the full text as the PDF version is adequate.

For any queries, please contact info@sabinet.co.za

Lindi Wiltz
Support Manager

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