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Product Update
Legal Information Services

We strive to provide our customers with the latest technology and products as well as global best practices, and we're constantly improving our services and products in order to stay ahead in the market.

To this end we've added new functionality to our Legal Platform. These enhancements are designed to save our clients time and increase efficiencies.

It is now possible to select and send multiple PDF's from you're My Action List on the following products:

  • Government Gazettes
  • Provincial Gazettes
  • Retrospective Government Gazettes
  • Retrospective Provincial Gazettes
  • Sabinet Labour Judgments
  • CCMA and Bargaining Council Awards

This new functionality will work as follows: (View in PDF format)

Firstly you add your selected items to your "My Action list" and then you select the documents which you want to have sent to your email as show below.

After selecting your documents you now click on "Email Selected Items" and the following pop up will appear which now has the added selection button as show below. If you want the system to send you the PDF’s of the document you simply mark "Include access to PDF documents" and click "Email".

An email will be sent to the address specified above. This now includes an additional line which says "Click here to access the PDF documents" as shown in the image below.

If you click on this option you will be taken to the page indicated below. This gives you the list of documents with their PDF's that you have selected in the "My Action List". You have 72 hours before the page expires and that each document can be downloaded 3 times.

Should you have other products e.g. NetLaw which do not contain PDFs in your "My Action email list" and you select this product in combination with the above products, there will be no option to include access to PDF document from your email screen.

We always strive to improve the functionality of our system and we are sure that this new additional feature will greatly improve your user experience.

If you have any enquires about the new functionality please contact client support on (012) 643-9500 or info@sabinet.co.za.

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