Product Update: Bill Tracker & Parliamentary Documents

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Product Update:
Bill Tracker & Parliamentary Documents


Dear Client,

We are excited to announce the enhancement of our Bill Tracker and Parliamentary Documents service. (previously Policy Documents).

This timely and accurate service provides easy access to South Africaís complete legislative history - from first discussions in Parliament to becoming an Act.

Some of the product enhancements include:

  • Innovative Metadata fields to systematically improve functionality for easier and faster searching.
  • Graphical illustration of the complete legislative history from the first discussions in Parliament to becoming an Act - giving you an at-a-glance view of where a Bill is in the process.
  • No more clutter. All Parliamentary Documents and Draft Bills related to a specific Bill are attached so you donít have to do a separate search on the Parliamentary Documents service.
  • The Bill Memorandum is now available as a PDF which can be easily downloaded and printed.
  • Added links to the Original Act as published in Government Gazettes are included as well as the Consolidated Act in NetLaw. Clients that are subscribed to these products will now have seamless access and will not have to do separate searches on these other platforms.

Why use Bill Tracker and Parliamentary Documents?

Itís accurate, complete and easy to use.

We make sure that all changes to Bills and Parliamentary Documents are reflected as they happen and that the full legislative history is easily accessed. Whatís more, weíve got it all:

  • All Bills, including their profile, status and history, those still in the process, those completed and those passed but not yet enacted.
  • Recent Acts and Gazettes cross-referenced to the corresponding Bills.

When time is money, faster is better. And keeping it simple and easy to use ensures a better user experience.

Kind Regards,

Lindi Wiltz
Sabinet Support

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