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Product Update
New Titles and Articles added

Dear Client,

Be amongst the first to hear about the latest developments in SA ePublications. A total of 8733 articles were added from April to September 2017.

The following titles have been added to the SA ePublications collection available on

Juta's Law Journals:

•  Acta Juridica
•  Africa Journal of Comparative Constitutional Law
•  Africa Nazarene University Law Journal
•  African Yearbook on International Humanitarian Law
•  Constitutional Court Review
•  Iilwandle zethu: Journal of Ocean Law and Governance in Africa
•  Journal of Comparative Law in Africa
•  Journal of Corporate and Commercial Law and Practice
•  Journal of South African Law / Tydskrif vir die Suid-Afrikaanse Reg
•  SADC Law Journal
•  South African Intellectual Property Law Journal
•  South African Journal of Criminal Justice
•  South African Law Journal
•  South African Mercantile Law Journal
•  South African Yearbook on International Law
•  Stellenbosch Law Review

•  African journal of public affairs

•  Proceedings Ekklesiastikos Pharos
•  Dental Materials & Device Register

•  Journal of the African Literature Association
•  South African Journal on Human Rights
•  Journal of African Political Economy And Development

•  Journal of Public Administration and Development Alternatives (JPADA)
•  Business & Social Sciences Journal

To add any of these titles to your current subscription, please contact your Portfolio Manager or email or call us on +27 12 643 9500.

Kind regards,

Lindi Wiltz
Sabinet Support

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