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Changes to COUNTER reports on SA ePublications


Dear Client,

This message concerns those clients who make use of the COUNTER reports available on the Administration portal of www.journals.co.za which the institutionís Administrator has access to.

We would like to draw to your attention that the SA ePublications COUNTER reports will no longer reflect zero usage. This is in line with clarifications added to the COUNTER Specification.

It has become increasingly difficult to provide meaningful zero usage reports for Journal Report 1 given the multitude of business models that can now be employed, i.e. Patron Drive Acquisition, different content package offerings, rolling access and article rental.

Following numerous discussions with COUNTER and our service provider (Ingenta), both parties have come to an agreement that it is no longer meaningful nor possible to provide a consistent approach to zero usage for entitlements.

Ingenta's status, and therefore SA ePublications' status, as a COUNTER compliant provider is not impacted at all by this change.

This change will be reflected in COUNTER reports by 10 May 2017 for any new reports downloaded from the site.

For more information regarding the clarifications please see below:

Clarification from Project Counter website below:
"Note clarification dated September 2016: Zero reporting is only a requirement in Journal Report 1, the exception being reports from full-text aggregators because of the size of such reports. However, if a platform is unable to provide zero usage for entitlements only, they should not include the zero usage. Other reports such as Journal Report 1 GOA and Journal Report 5 are a sub-sets and zero usage should be not reported."
Counter website link, note 11: https://www.projectcounter.org/code-of-practice-sections/usage-reports/

If you have any queries please don't hesitate to contact us at info@sabinet.co.za.

Kind regards,

Lindi Wiltz
Sabinet Support

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