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April 2019

Shaping the value chain of scholarly publishing in Africa

As a recognised leader in the South African information industry, Sabinet recognises the need for research. We are committed to being a partner for African publishers by adding value and providing support to the publishers making use of our platform.

After thorough investigation, we are proud to announce a new service offering that will shape the value chain of scholarly publishing in South Africa and change the workflow and effectiveness of publishers. Through online publishing, African and South African publishers now have a tool to increase their effectiveness in the publishing of their journals. The Sabinet Online Publishing Platform will enable South African scholarly publishers to make use of the following systems individually or in unison:

  • An Online Peer Review system
  • An Online Publishing/production system
  • An Article Processing Charges (APC) Management system

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Product Update

Industry News

Sabinet sponsoring 40 Attorney Development Fund beneficiaries

As part of its ongoing commitment to developing the knowledge economy within South Africa, Sabinet - a local leader in facilitating access to credible information sources - has sponsored 40 Attorney Development Fund beneficiaries.

The Attorneys Development Fund (ADF) was established in 2011 as an independent, non-profit organisation that focuses on the development of attorneys. The main focus of the ADF is to provide selected office resources to law firms (mainly sole practitioners) by purchasing these resources on their behalf. The selected firms then repay the ADF for these resources over a prescribed period, on an interest free basis. The monies repaid will be used for future beneficiaries.

Through Sabinet’s contribution of over R1m, beneficiaries in the form of sole practitioners, specialised law practices and rural law firms will receive relevant, accurate and up-to-date online legal resources anywhere, any time. These include Sabinet National Legislation, Sabinet South African Gazettes and Sabinet Labour. Sabinet’s National Legislation Mobile App will also be available to these beneficiaries which will allow them access to legislation on the move, offline and outside the office.


Knowledge Creation through Academic Research

A wise person once said: “Research is creating new knowledge.” A statement that sums up rather nicely the fact that academic research is not the stereotypical domain of people in white lab coats or dusty academics hidden behind piles of old books.

Academic research is essential to the development of every sector of society – from medicine to law, from business to technology – no subject can advance without research. Through research, new knowledge can be created and, more importantly, shared. Research benefits communities and economies – it is an essential ingredient of growth and development.


Get your title deed ASAP before new regulation sets in

Land grabs or land acquisitions are no stranger to South Africans. But it looks like a different cat is out of the hat. The Department of Rural development and Land reform has announced changes to Regulation 68 of the Deeds Registries act. Regulation 68 sets out what process must be followed after an original deed or mortgage bond has been lost or destroyed.


OCLC partners with to add analytics features to EZproxy authentication software

DUBLIN, Ohio, 13 February 2019 - OCLC is partnering with the Consortium, the French non-profit that developed ezPAARSE software with the CNRS Institute for Scientific Information, to enhance OCLC's EZproxy authentication software with analytics features and to expand the use of ezPAARSE outside of France.

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