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Corporate Newsletter
February 2018

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Company Update

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Reflecting on 2017

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Product Update

200 Institutions are now facilitating interlibrary loan requests on the new platform
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Industry News

NetLaw: Creating a backbone of free resources for Law Faculties

The cost of doing business within South Africa, along with the cost of running an educational institution is growing, and extremely quickly too. One essential piece of this cost-puzzle can be found in access to information. The ability of an organization to provide professionally moderated information to its employees or students, ensures that learning and growth can continue. Sabinet has actively pursued business and academic growth in South Africa through its facilitation of access to information.

Beyond creating a backbone of resources for Law firms and businesses, Sabinet has focused on enabling tertiary education institutions to access the resources necessary to train young students in various industries and professions. It is important for Sabinet to know that the institutions who will be preparing our country’s law students for their adult lives, provide them with the very best, accurate and reliable resources possible.

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CASE STUDY: WorldShare Management Services

WorldShare Management Services (WMS) offers a straightforward way to manage the functions of ordering, cataloguing and circulating, while electronic resource management and a discovery portal complete this comprehensive management service.

Cost-effectiveness and efficiency are ever-present objectives in any organisation and libraries are no exception. Managing multiple systems can be cumbersome for a librarian with a lack of integration causing repetition of tasks and piecemeal activities.

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Vote for Rocky: OCLC EMEA Regional Council Candidate

Calling all EMEA OCLC members: VOTE FOR ROCKY in the OCLC Regional Council Election.

Voting for your Global and Regional Council leaders ensures the continued success of the OCLC cooperative. Cast your vote by 15 March 2018. Rocky Ralebipi-Simela aims to create development opportunities through connecting users worldwide from within Africa.

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Sabinet and the NLSA partnership: We remain committed to improving lives

Libraries across the globe support and inspire the communities they engage with. They play a pivotal role in promoting the advancement of knowledge and yet are faced with an array of challenges that affect service delivery. From limited resources to rapidly changing user needs, libraries need to constantly find ways to save time and money while improving their workflows and delivering new value to users.

The National Library of South Africa (NLSA), a founder member of Sabinet, contributes to socio-economic, cultural, educational, scientific and innovative development by collecting, recording, preserving and making available the national documentary heritage. They work to promote an awareness and appreciation of this heritage by fostering information literacy.

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Small acts when multiplied by millions of people can transform the world

Through the Sabinet Chairperson’s Fund, we remain committed to improving the lives of those in local communities.

As a leading provider of services and facilities that promote access to information among South African citizens, we have an inherent focus on improving the lives of those in our local communities. In fact, our mission is to contribute to the educational, social and economic upliftment and development of deserving communities throughout South Africa.

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