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July 2017

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Industry News

ReQuest Interlending platform migration

In April this year, after much anticipation, we announced the migration of the national interlending platform from ReQuest to WorldShare® Interlibrary Loan.

It is important to keep abreast of the major international trends that offer our clients innovative, effective and efficient solutions, therefore the adoption of WorldShare® ILL is the coherent choice as a national interlending platform.

WorldShare® ILL integrates discovery and delivery of electronic, digital and print materials within a single interface. Other benefits of WorldShare® ILL include the automation of ILL workflows, getting resources to users swiftly, saving time and money, consolidating the management of ILL fees, delivering documents securely and simplifying the sharing of e-resources.

On 11 May 2017, Sabinet hosted a migration briefing at the National Library of South Africa. Presentations are available for download here.

Have you booked your training?

As you might have heard already, the Sabinet team has moved to a new location in Centurion. We spent the previous 18 years in a building about a kilometer away from our new location - our old office served us well, and we made great memories there, but we couldn't be more excited about our new space.

The new office, Westend Office Park, 254 Hall Street, is on one of Centurion’s main routes overlooking the Centurion Gautrain juncture. It has been an exciting time for Sabinet, and we look at this new location as the start of another chapter in our history. We're still working on getting settled in but for the most part, we are fully operational.

If you're in the area, feel free to stop by and say hi!

Email scam advisory to clients

This is to inform you of the emergence of email scams that may seem to come from Sabinet.

Criminals may pose as a staff member of Sabinet Online Ltd, or claim allegiance with Sabinet Online Ltd, in order to carry out scams or fraud.

Please be on the look-out for these fraudulent emails, which are typically badly written, appear to come from a Sabinet Online Ltd email address or apparent legitimate staff members.

While the Sabinet team has already taken action regarding this phishing activity, we, nevertheless, would like to ask you to exercise caution in providing personal and financial information on suspicious websites.

If you receive a suspicious email from our domain name or deviations thereof, please immediately report it to If you are unsure whether an email is legitimate please call our support desk on 012 643 9500 to verify.

Sabinet Monitoring Services - Keep your finger on the pulse with ever-changing regulations

Reducing liability and business risk in an ever-changing environment can be challenging for most organisations. No matter what industry your business is in, compliance is an essential part of operations.

Enforcing compliancy can save your organisation millions of rands in fines, increases productivity and reduces court cases in our current landscape where anything can happen.

We live in a world where information is easy to find, a connected era. Various sources reveal the answers to our questions, but how can we be sure that we are using the most accurate and reliable resources? How do we know that the Act we are reading is applicable today? Or how do we know when to comment on draft bills that impact our businesses directly?

Information about regulatory issues, industry trends and parliamentary documentation is crucial to the development of our economy. Compliancy not only deals with business operations but also helps employees to stay focused on the organisation’s broader goals.

No business can afford to ignore the need for accurate, current and reliable information. Although many businesses do not have the budget, it's important for them to have cost-effective ways to keep abreast of legal and industry changes that have significant impact on operations.

Cognisant of our role as an organisation’s eyes and ears, we aggregate professional sources to certify unbiased and objective reporting. Sabinet Monitoring Services lets you stay up to date with the latest policy and legislation changes and developments in addition to the potential impacts of not being compliant with the law - all from a single, reliable source.

Even information that was reliable when it was first published can become unreliable if it is not kept up to date. There is a lot of information being shared on the Internet, and one can find almost anything on just about any topic imaginable. It is becoming increasingly difficult to get reliable online information - so it is important that you invest in getting reliable, accurate and relevant information from one trusted source before you make any decision.

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Bill Tracker and Parliamentary Documents - Accurate, complete and easy to use

If you’re looking for all the history and all the facts on every Bill tabled before Parliament this indispensable service is for you.

Our Bill Tracker and Parliamentary Documents service is updated daily as we track Bills every step of the way from their first discussion in Parliament as they develop from Draft Bills into Bills and are signed into law by the President and are finally consolidated and updated as Acts. In addition, we retain Committee Reports, submissions to Parliament, speeches by ministers and other documents sourced from Parliament.

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Sabinet & Juta Law collaborate in strategic online research partnership

The partnership is a robust fit, leveraging the two leading companies’ respective strengths:

  • The international research journal platform,, has extensive new features that influences research efficacy; from an easy to use drop down menu to streamlined search options and well-structured web pages.
  • The new and enriched platform further augments African research content to the entire world – offering the largest collection of African journals.
  • As leaders in legal scholarly publishing, Juta’s Law Journals are essential to the practice of law and the effective functioning of government and business.
  • Juta’s Law collection champions a range of initiatives supporting the rule of law, legal writing and education, human rights, gender and equality causes.
  • Complementing functionality on, the new responsive design - mobile optimised - embraces the digital information era and ensures easy access to content with new e-commerce facilities.
  • In addition the platform allows for the purchase of single articles through the use of e-commerce.

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