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March 2017

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Sabinet supports maths and science skills development in SA

PROTEC launched its 2017 programme at the Hofmeyr Secondary School in Atteridgeville, Pretoria on Saturday 28 January. Protec’s goal is to empower South Africa’s youth with optimal scientific, mathematics, technology, engineering and life skills to access and succeed in STEM-based careers delivered through learning programmes by qualified and experienced tutors, uplifting the standard of STEM education and mentoring learners through tertiary studies and their first working years.

Core mathematics and the sciences are key gateway subjects that open up most higher education opportunities; they are critical competencies for the development of sorely-needed high-level skills. These in turn are vital for job creation, economic growth and the full development of national capacities.

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Sabinet makes trawling through legislation quick and easy

Since 1910, well over 7000 Acts have been passed into law in South Africa. This massive number doesn’t even touch on the innumerable draft Bills, policy papers, committee reports, submissions to Parliament, speeches by Ministers and other important parliamentary documents that are generated in the process of governing a country.

“Delving through the masses of information that make up South Africa’s legislative landscape may well be compared to looking for a needle in a haystack,” says Sanet Vos, Information Services manager at Sabinet. “If you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for or exactly where to find it, you’re in for a serious search”.

In addition to finding the right legal information, you also have to be assured that it is the latest and most up-to-date when it comes to current legislation. And knowing where pending legislation is in the process can be critical for business, government and legal professionals.

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Budget Speech 2017 – A call for transformation

In delivering Budget 2017 in parliament, the finance minister, Pravin Gordhan, emphasised that South Africa was at a conjuncture “which requires the wisdom of our elders to help us make the right choices and keep the trust of our citizens.”

He made reference to the Constitution and its requirement that all citizens should have access to housing, medical care, social security, water and education.

“There should be a progressive realisation of access to tertiary education and other elements in a comprehensive set of social entitlements. Wealth and economic opportunities must be equitably shared”, he said.

According to the minister, all stakeholders have a shared responsibility to address the social and economic challenges before us.

In a nutshell, the envisaged transformation will have to unite South Africans and not divide them.

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SA WMS User Group meeting

Sabinet was pleased to host the 1st WMS User Group meeting for South Africa in union with its international partner, OCLC. The meeting was a dynamic session of insights, best practices and workflows concerning research and academic libraries.

The University of Pretoria, MINTEK, CSIR and the University of KZN have selected WorldShare Management Services (WMS) as their library management system. The decision to roll out WMS in the libraries proved to be a strategic fit in the crucial South African economic landscape.

With over 40 attendees, the session held at the beginning of February included updates from OCLC, insightful user presentations and plenty of time to network and learn from colleagues.

Taking into account all the cost-cutting exercises research and academic libraries face, WMS is indeed a collaborative solution for these institutions to save time and money while improving service delivery and continuing to achieve academic excellence and innovation in research.

How to support research data management programs at your library

A growing number of academic libraries are providing research data management (RDM) programs to meet new needs within scholarly communities.

In this article, OCLC Research Scientists Ixchel M. Fanchel and Lynn Silipigni Connaway offer recommendations for building effective RDM programs based on interviews with 36 library professionals.

Among the suggestions: partner with other organizations on campus to support the range of services needed, employ more and different connections with researchers to create awareness of your skills, and pool expertise and resources within the library and with other institutions to do more with less than optimal staffing levels.

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Sabinet joins forces with SHOUT to build libraries in local communities

One of Sabinet’s key CSI objectives is to contribute to the educational, social and economic upliftment and development of deserving communities in South Africa.

We came across the campaign and wanted to play our part in bringing resources and information to communities. We are proud to be associated with an organisation like, SHOUT.

Our motto says, “#We’reForLibraries” which ties in well with the initiative. We hope to further play an active role in the libraries in future.

Sabinet MD: Rosalind Hattingh

Sabinet’s Bill Tracker and Parliamentary Documents give you the whole truth

With the South African economy and trade dependent countries vulnerable to the outcome of this State of the Nation Address, all involved stakeholders are sure to keep measure of Government’s performance following the various points discussed.

You too can keep track of all parliamentary documents processed within parliament by the respected committees. Simply access Sabinet and select which parliamentary documents you wish to see.

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