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Provincial NetLaw is now even better

Sabinet's Provincial NetLaw - the most comprehensive South African Provincial Legislation product offering just got better.

In 2010, Sabinet embarked on a project to create a Provincial Legislation product for our clients. After extensive research, sourcing and compilation of documentation, Sabinet launched its Provincial Legislation product (Provincial NetLaw) in December 2012.

At the time of its launch, Provincial NetLaw consisted of all Acts and Ordinances in force and in the last quarter of 2014 this product was completed by adding all Regulations in terms of Acts and Ordinances currently still in force, making it the most up-to-date, reliable and comprehensive collection of Provincial Legislation. For the enhancement of this product, Sabinet's in-house digitisation team had to source, scan and OCR (optical character recognition) all of the Retrospective Provincial Gazettes. Additionally, the in-house systems development team developed an internal system known as Resource Manager where all the metadata of each document could be captured. With the use of Resource Manager the team was also able to create the original document together with all its amendments as it was reflected at a specific point in time.

"Our agility at Sabinet allows us to easily adapt to our clients' ever changing information needs. As a result,  we are continuously setting the standard of information in the legal sector, and with this product we are once again delivering products with the most comprehensive, up-to-date and accurate information." Rosalind Hattingh Managing Director, Sabinet commented. "We are proud of all the work and effort that went into this product and I am very excited to show it to our clients", she added further.

Sabinet's Provincial NetLaw product is the only one of its kind available on the market. It allows you to see the Legislation as it is applicable today but also as it was at a particular point throughout history. Every version of a piece of Legislation across the current 9 provinces is available as well as Legislation for older provinces before 1994.

Provincial NetLaw has over time become one of Sabinet's most successful products and today it is even better. It offers a variety of benefits to you and your organisation and keeps you abreast of new developments in South African Legislation. This complete Legislation product now also includes all Regulations in terms of Acts and Ordinances currently still in force and should you need to, you can access an historical view of older versions of all Acts, Ordinances and Regulations in force from 1910.

Where can you find Sabinet next?

27 - 29 May 2015

31 May - 01 June 2015
Accra, Ghana

11 - 13 June 2015
Metropole Hilton Hotel, Brighton

Sabinet will be hosting its ANNUAL REGIONAL MEETINGS in July and August. Keep an eye out for our next newsletter for more information.

Sabinet awards IFLA participation grants to South African Libraries

Sabinet IFLA Participation Grants

It is our great pleasure to announce that Sabinet has made funds available to sponsor 10 South African librarians to attend IFLA WLIC 2015.

This sponsorship comprises funds for registration fees as well as two thousand rand (R2000.00) towards travel and/or accommodation.


  • Priority will be given to eight public librarians as well as, two academic librarians who have a focus in the area of information literacy
  • Candidates requiring sponsorship will have to provide a motivational letter indicating how attending this conference will add value to their career, their organisation and the user population that they serve (max 200 words)
  • Candidates will also need to provide a letter of approval/permission from their head of institution expressing permission to attend the conference


  • The additional funds for accommodation or travel can only be claimed after the conference by supplying the following supporting documentation
    • Grantees will be expected to provide a certificate of attendance, which will be issued at the IFLA conference
    • Proof of travel and/or accommodation cost incurred (payment confirmation etc.)

Send your application to on or before 1 May 2015

WorldShare Management Services Implementation at UKZN

The University of KwaZulu-Natal is now live with OCLC WorldShare Management Services

The University of KwaZulu-Natal, a leading African university, is now using OCLC WorldShare Management Services (WMS) as its library management system.

WMS provides cloud-based library management and discovery applications in an integrated suite, offering librarians a comprehensive and cost-effective way to manage library workflows efficiently, and improve end users' access to library collections and services.

The implementation of WMS helps bring the university closer to its mission of achieving academic excellence and innovation in research. Joyce Myeza, Library Director, University Kwazulu-Natal explains: "WMS is a global knowledge system, it helps us widen access to learning research, and innovation, to both our local and global scholars. WMS enables us to deliver infrastructure and support services designed around their learning needs."

Speaking of the reasons for selecting WMS Joyce says: "The costs of maintaining our legacy systems were becoming unsustainable. This combined with a desire to provide consolidated access to all of our resources and make better use of our collections budget were instrumental in our decision to implement WMS."

The University of KwaZulu-Natal was formed on 1 January 2004 as a result of the merger between the University of Durban-Westville and the University of Natal. The new university brings together the rich histories of both the former Universities.

"OCLC are excited to welcome the University of KwaZulu-Natal to the WMS community," said Eric van Lubeek, Managing Director, OCLC EMEA. "One of the institution's strategic objectives is to establish efficient, effective management systems for students, which meet their requirements in a pragmatic and flexible way. We are delighted that the university saw WMS as way to achieve this for its many library users."

OCLC works in conjunction with its local partner, Sabinet, in the African region. Sabinet provided on-the-ground implementation support and training for the University of KwaZulu-Natal and will be providing ongoing support for WMS in Africa. "We are pleased to have played a significant role during the course of this implementation," stated Ros Hattingh MD of Sabinet. "Sabinet has worked with OCLC for a number of years and the successful implementation of WMS at the University of KwaZulu-Natal is as a result of this successful partnership."

Almost 300 libraries on four continents - Australia, Europe, North America and Africa - are currently using OCLC WorldShare Management Services to gain efficiencies and improve usability in library services and end-user discovery.

Client Year End Update

This year we are doing it differently!

They say change is as good as a holiday, and we are most certainly hoping that adage applies in this case. As valued clients of Sabinet you should be well aware of our annual regional meetings. This year we have opted to do things a little bit differently by hosting two regional meetings, one of which will be in its usual time of the middle of the year, and the other at the end of the year.

The reason for this change is due to feedback received from some of you stating that you feel that you get more value from these educational sessions than you do from our client year end function. The meetings will be hosted across all the regions we serve and will give you the opportunity to understand our business and help us to ensure that we continue to deliver excellent service.

Watch this space for more information on the upcoming regional meetings taking place in July/August of this year.

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